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Daenerys + the elements

The Stark Siblings minus Rickon in Empire Magazine (May 2013)

Harington: It is a tribute to how well Nina Gold has cast this show, and the producers, that they not only cast very high-quality actors but also really down-to-earth people. Everyone is very grounded. Also in the cases of us, this is one of our first big gigs, so it is a shared experience. It’s a cliche, but we’re all on the journey together.

Madden: You are growing up together. Isaac, what are you, 13 now?

Wright: (Sitting up straight) 13. (Now 14)

Madden: You have changed a lot. I have changed a lot since 21, starting the show. Kit has changed a lot.

Williams: It would be nice to see the boys more. We see Isaac, but the older guys we don’t see so much.

Turner: They always felt like older brothers that have gone to uni.

Have you had any Stark nights out?

Madden: (Considering this as a good idea) No. But we’ve had Stark nights at the hotel. In the bar. Which is quite nice, when we all get together off-screen, because we don’t have that in the show. Like a secret pay-off: have a chat and some food. Sometimes Kit and me have had… nights out.

Harington: (To Wright) Do you have nights out with Sophie and Maisie?

(Wright just stares at him.)

Harington: (Laughs) Maybe not. Don’t want to hang out with the girls?

Turner: (Laughs) We go wild.


man these guys think they are so swag bc they are homies with her.

Growing up at Winterfell, all I ever wanted was to escape, to come here, to the capital. To see the southern knights and their painted armor, King’s Landing after dark, all the candles burning in all those windows.