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Minor Insurrections

part three of paris, i love you, a modern au les amis series.

Éponine is taking part in her first publicity stunt with Les Amis when the police arrive and everything goes mad.

here at ao3.


drift right on

part one of paris, i love you, a modern au les amis series.

Courfeyrac brings some big news to a meeting, and Combeferre meets a wild night child pulling a drunken Grantaire into his sitting room.

““Nobody remembers the night of Bahorel’s birthday,” Feuilly reminds him gently, “I just have a black hole from seven when we did those shots at that place in Montmartre until four o’ clock the next afternoon.””

here at ao3.

‘“Is your life just one more lie?”

modern au les mis – enjolras

the chief, the leader, a glorious blazing achilles stuck firm in the 21st century. enjolras stands out in a crowd simply by walking into it and can command the attention of a roomful of people with the barest crook of his finger. it’s no wonder he’s managed to gather this rag-tag bunch of students to him and weld them into a political force to be reckoned with. charming, persuasive, eloquent, good-hearted, enjolras is nevertheless capable of descending into icy rage and doing some extremely morally questionable things to achieve his ends. nobody outside of his friends know who he is – he is simply the shadowy leader of a shadowy band of activists, carrying out increasingly drastic publicity stunts and leaning more and more pressure on the french government. within that group, however, he’s the revered and adored chief – and yes, they love him, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to tease him and irritate him fondly when they get bored of being political. there’s only so much a group of bright young minds can take before distraction sets in, after all. especially since courfeyrac invented a drinking game specifically for enjolras’ speeches.


they say “there is no such thing as destiny
there is nothing you can’t control.”
but they are wrong. they are so, so wrong.

—appropriated from on loving an optimist