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 #literally the only reason i will continue to watch this show if it gets picked up #flawlessly built himself up to be king#he’s what klaus made him; everything he knows is because of klaus; all things klaus said; except marcel is /better/ #he has power but he doesn’t command it by ripping hearts out; he has earned it because his people love him #and that’s what klaus doesn’t have #and marcel uses his power to keep his power #restricting the ability to walk in the daylight to those who he trusts most #holding court in the street#judge; jury and executioner all in one #he’s performing for these people #singing at the bar; the parties; killing the witch for her disobedience #all shows of power#and marcel isn’t a nameless original told to scare children #he has a face and a name and he will be respected #so many feels for this character #don’t fuck him over plec #i’m the king


The amount of trust these two have in each other is staggering. They are two people who for whatever reason, always seem to turn to each other in a crisis.”

I’ve seen the world, done it all
will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?